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 Media Help Obama Gear Up for 'Stimulus, The Sequel'
Political rhetoric and journalistic support suggest building momentum for a second stimulus package, despite the previous $787 billion spending package’s failure to help Personal Loans, or the economy, and stem job losses.
Media Myth
Networks Ignore Trillion-Dollar Price Tag of Climate Cap Bill
The media regularly hype the threat of global warming as well as proposed fixes for it, but when a cap-and-trade bill left committee last week the networks were strangely silent about a policy that would raise energy prices for all.

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Networks Stick to Warming Despite Avalanche of Chilling News
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Pumped Up Predictions

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BMI’s Dan Gainor Testifies Before the House of Representatives
Discusses New Age fore Newspapers before congressional committee.
April 21, 2009

The Biz Flog - Hurricane of Bias and Cramer vs. Stewart
Cramer gets whipped by Jon Stewart on Comedy Central and a hurricane expert calls the news media out for distorting the climate change issue.
March 13, 2009

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March 2005 through February 2008

For 'Leverage,' Round Two of 'Destroying' Evil Businessmen
Julia A. Seymour -- 07/15/2009
Dean: Low-Income People Hurt by Cap-and-Tax Will Recoup Cost with Less Asthma Emergency Room Visits
Jeff Poor -- 07/15/2009
NBC vs. Goldman Sachs
Catherine Maggio -- 07/14/2009
Sotomayor Hearings Serving as a Distraction for Tax Hikes?
Jeff Poor -- 07/14/2009
'World News' Charges Goldman Sachs with Making Too Much Profit
Jeff Poor -- 07/14/2009
Plummeting Gas Prices Means Plummeting News Coverage
Catherine Maggio -- 07/13/2009
Marijuana to the Rescue: 'World News' Touts Pot as California's Magic Fix
Jeff Poor -- 07/13/2009

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Liberals pass the bills, ordinary voters pay them
Dan Gainor -- 07/15/2009
President OOPS-Bama
Dan Kennedy -- 07/15/2009
Econ 101: Health Care Reform
Gary Wolfram -- 07/15/2009

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Climate of Bias
Will the media ever tire of climate change? Not likely, as Al Gore adds an Oscar, Emmy and the Nobel Peace Prize to his trophy cabinet. The threat of manmade global warming isn’t leaving the headlines any time soon. Check out our dedicated section, Climate of Bias,’ that documents the media obsession with climate catastrophe.
Be sure to read our resource Skeptical Scientists which includes the names of hundreds of scientists who question global warming hysteria.

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"Our national conversation about curbing the cost of health care is crippled by the vocabulary in which we conduct it. We must stop talking about 'health care' as if it were some kind of collective public service, like fire protection, provided equally to everyone who needs it. No government can provide the same high quality body repair services to everyone. Not all doctors are equally good physicians, and not all sick persons are equally good patients."
-- Dr. Thomas Szasz 07/15/2009

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April 4, 2009
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Topic: Obama’s grand theft auto

April 3, 2009
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BMI VP Dan Gainor
Topic: Obama’s grand theft auto

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