BMI Headlines Advancing the culture of free enterprise in America UAW Has Reason to Celebrate This Labor Day Networks downplay union criticism while Obama's control of auto companies pays off for labor. 09/02/2009 Democratic Congresswoman Blames 'Global Warming' for California Wildfires Rep. Linda Sanchez attributes new weather patterns to climate change and says the 'habitual wildfires' demonstrate a need to do something about it. 09/01/2009 Maddow on Love for Guns: 'I Just Don't Think We Should be Allowed to Bring Them Home' MSNBC host brags about her shooting, but says guns use should be relegated to only gun clubs and firing ranges and not at the home. 09/01/2009 Undercover Video Reveals $3 Million Bribe Scheme in $27-Billion Suit Against Chevron Lawsuit that inspired '60 Minutes' report and NYTimes story has corruption angle not revealed in outlets' reporting. 09/01/2009 Former British Health Minister: U.K. System not 'Ideal' for U.S. Lord Ara Darzi goes on CNBC to defend UK medical system over rejected ads, but says U.S. health care system is 'excellent.' 08/31/2009 PBS’s Moyers: Forget Compromise on ObamaCare, Defeat Would 'Reinvigorate' Democratic Party Former White House press secretary says president would be better served going down swinging than reach any deal that would better health care. 08/31/2009 Albright Laments Decline of Newspapers in Democracy, but Says WaTimes Makes Her 'Crazy' Former Clinton Secretary of State compares bloggers to the rumors that fueled the resistance movements behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War era. 08/28/2009 Schultz, Huffington: Obama Should Use Kennedy Death to Promote Left-Wing Politics 08/27/2009 Rush, Beck Warn Obama Administration Trying to Bring Country to It's Knees Limbaugh insists economic crisis manufactured to push crisis mode; Beck explains MSNBC is a view of future under Obama. 08/26/2009 Newsweek Editor Plays Psychiatrist -- Links Health Care Opponents to Saddam-9/11 Theorists Magazine's Sharon Begley rationalizes a large part of opposition to ObamaCare is from a distortion of 'mental processes.' 08/26/2009